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Lotus Mattress

Lotus Mattress Springfree I


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Lotus Mattress Springfree I 180x200cm ....

Freedom, Peaceful and no vibration in every move you take. Release your feeling with the comfort of the LOTUS SPRINGFREE I mattress, hybrid springless mattress with Springfree System that transcends the traditional mattress. Naturally soft touch through the Ergo massage Foam Base, the quality foam that used Zoned Comfort innovation can adjust the smooth surface to be curly like durian thorns convoluted to create balance and support the weight well. Combined with Microlatex, natural rubber from a special compression process (Micro compression) from Belgium, the exclusive copyright of Lotus mattresses. Help average body weight to be distributed over the surface area. No pressure at any point, reinforced with Stress Free Foam, soft and firm foam blended with Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fiber 380 gsm with 7 cells ventilation holes, adjusting pressure distribution to help the circulatory system in the body work. It can be flexible without beriberi in the body Complete with quality with LOTUS SPRINGFREE I mattress, innovation for comfort. So, you can feel the freedom of sleep that different from others.

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