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Lotus Mattress

Lotus Mattress-Royce III


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Lotus Mattress Royce III 180x200x25cm

Royce III is produced with microlatex a high-quality natural latex from Belgium which is especially copyrights for Lotus Bedding Group.  It is blended with Ergo Massage Foam Base using zoned comfort innovation.

Ergo Massage Foam Base using quality zoned comfort innovation.  The foam layer is a convoluted egg-crated surface through micro compression which will help you relax in an improved comfort. Support spinal alignment and sleeper could feel the difference of complete relaxation.

Microlatex, a 100% Natural latex compresses through Micro compression Imported from Belgium.  The Opened-cell structure is a copyright especially for Lotus Bedding Group.  This helps regenerate airflow, cool feel, dust-free and bacteria free.  It is also tested with high result of ILD given better distribution of pressure points.

Massage Contour Foam Pad Massage Contour Topper, a foam layer with convolute egg-crate surface, Massage Convoluted Surface decrease back pain

HD Comfort Foam, a high-density foam with flexibility with Massage Convoluted surface act as the breakdown of the pressure point.

Stress Free Foam, a soft foam, combined with fiber Conjugated Hollo Fill II Fiber 380 gsm to distribute pressure points.  It helps eliminate body numbness and enhanced blood circulation well.

Cotton knit cover with Sanicare coated from natural plants inhibit dust and is allergy protection.

Anti-Skid, a special fabric designed to protect of the slippery of mattress.

Royce III, a hybrid springless mattress, which represent a new level of comfort is designed to enhance pure lasting comfort.

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