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Elle Pure Latex Mattress Lamont


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Lotus Elle Pure Latex Mattress Lamont 180x200x23cm
Organic Latex : 100% natural rubber latex through the state-of-the-art production technology process. Create molecules of rubber foam to have an Opened Cell structure, causing small pores like honeycombs from Belgium. Helps to increase the efficiency of the air circulation system within the rubber foam to balance the temperature to suit the body. It gives a cool feeling to the touch. The soft scent of natural rubber helps to create a peaceful rest. Free from bacteria and dust mites that cause allergies It also provides an experience of a feeling of support to the body. The perfect body aligns the spine with ergonomics like a natural touch that hugs the body. relax every night
Anti-Pressure System: The system reduces pressure on the body. A unique technique that combines Elle HD Performance Foam with Conjugate hollo fill ll fibers increases the efficiency of weight distribution by up to 200%, helping the circulatory system to be flexible. Reduces beriberi and fatigue throughout the night of rest.

Special features only for the LAMONT model:
- Effective in distributing the weight to disperse pressure on the body with the properties of 100% natural rubber, can help support the body and completely align the spine. and make the circulatory system work fully
- Eliminate the problem of rubber smell and help adjust the temperature to be most suitable for relaxation. Does not hinder sleep during the night
- There is a special ventilation system with the use of a zip lock for ventilation.
Elle Velvet Velor : Velvet mattress cover, soft to the touch, does not cause skin irritation. imported from France

Anti Skid : Mattress protection system keeps the mattress in the correct position without moving. fall out of position when movement occurs

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